Can We Use Whey If We Are Not Going To The Gym?

“Protein shakes and muscles go together.”  This is the most heard among the workout freaks and gym worms.

Their equation is simple. Workout. Take a protein shake. Build Muscles.

But, there are many questions can we take protein without exercise?

As you know, Protein shakes help people bulk up. A gym guy needs enough protein as they spend their energy working out. But, what happens when you take proteins or protein shakes without exercise?

There were many types of research conducted to get an appropriate answer for this. It is concluded that we can take Protein shakes or whey protein drinks on rest days. But know your body’s requirements. As long as your body is preserving energies, you may not require protein shakes.

What do protein shakes do?

Protein shakes are designed to synthesize muscle tissue building. This is after any rigorous or strenuous day. Whey Protein sources essential amino acids. These are the foundation for muscle tissue building. If you undergo a rigorous workout, the muscles get strained. This leads to minor tears in muscle tissues. Protein synthesis is the process that repairs the tissues and builds them back stronger.

Drinking Protein Shakes on rest days: Yes or No

From the above info, it is clear to you that protein synthesis is an essential body requirement. Protein is essential for every cell in the body. The food we intake contains proteins but sometimes is insufficient for the body to keep muscles active. There are 9 amino acids that are not produced by the body and hence are “essential”. So, we need to get them from external sources like whole foods or supplements.

Know your body’s needs for protein

To easily understand this, let us explore some of the protein benefits to body.

  • Reduce appetite
  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Aid muscle recovery
  • Support bone health
  • Reduce cravings and snacking
  • Boost metabolism and promote fat burning
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help you lose weight and maintain weight loss
  • Aid recovery after injury

From the above list, it is clear that whey protein is an essential component of the body and its functions, structures, and regulatory systems. Consuming protein shakes on rest days is to support the complex system of processes.

Protein means a lot to your body, even if you are not exercising.

Protein increases the oxygen flow in the blood. This pumps more nutrients into your hard-working muscles. The average protein shake provides about 24gm protein and 120 slim calories.

There are many natural protein sources like chicken, whole grains, and vegetables. These are the better sources of fiber. Fiber is one of the highly satiating nutrients. It slows down digestion and delays the release of Ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone. 

Protein supplements have become more of a “want to have” than a “need to have”. In reality, they are essential for people who are very active, older people, or for whose immune system is weakened. If you have a diet regime and if you think adding a protein supplement helps in effectively reducing calorie intake without making you feel hungry, then this will be the boneheaded strategy.

Is Taking Whey on an empty stomach ideal? Let’s Explain

Whey protein for the body without exercising

Whey is the natural byproduct of Milk. So, it is good for the body. Most people associate with a protein diet if they are concerned about weight loss. If you wish to avoid carbs and fat, you can happily rely on protein-rich foods and then only protein supplements.

If you ask yourself whether to take protein or not, your mind will say “Yes”. But if you ask whether you can take protein without exercising, then you will be echoed “No.”

Clearing this confusion is a bit difficult for you. But, we say YES to take protein without working out.

So, having said yes, it is our next thought to discuss the safety levels of taking protein. Whey Protein supplement is obviously safe to take. But, how often and how much, and for what should be clear. If you are taking whey protein supplements for weight loss, it is okay until you don’t overdo it.

On average, a person weighing 70Kg needs about 80 to 90 gm of protein every day. If your diet is having protein-rich sources, you might someday feel like having more calorie intake. Hence you opt for the best whey protein powder. Make protein one of your balanced nutrition. Give importance to other macro-nutrients like carbs and fats, these are important too.

Effects of taking a protein shake without exercise

1.    Weight Gain

Protein supplements are usually high in calories. A typical protein shake contains about 110 to 300 calories if taken with water and milk respectively. Now, imagine how many calories you are taking in and spending out. If there is a balance, then you are doing good, but if the protein content is high, then you will certainly gain weight.

2.    Kidney Ailments

Kidneys metabolize the excess protein in the body and either distribute or flush it out. Sometimes, this leads to some strain in the kidney area. Apart from these, all the extra protein gets stirred out of the body. Hence, if there is more protein intake, it slows down the metabolism.

3.    Unbalanced Nutrition

It is always safe to consume protein from natural sources. Protein supplements increase proteins, nutrients, and carbs. It may disrupt the naturally balanced body nutrition.


Whey protein without physical activity is a safe choice. If you stay within the boundaries, you can continue to benefit from whey protein. It does not cause stomach bloating and burns calories, which is beneficial for breaking down proteins.

Always verify the whey protein’s origin. Knowing where to acquire it and its content profile would be helpful. Without exercise, the proper whey protein profile is essential.