How To Get A Bigger Muscle Growth? Response With Whey Protein.

“Building muscle can often be hard”, is what you might have heard.

It is not that difficult if adapted to a proper diet and workout. You need two things to build the muscles, one is protein and the other is resistance training. Experts agree on the latter but there are many pieces of research and debates ongoing on the former.

You might have spent a week or a month or a year in the gym. You have adopted the best routine and followed it up every day. Without Knowing what it is giving you, either a sore day or a muscle day, there is no point in spending your time there.

For most young enthusiasts, building muscles is their major fitness goal. Adding muscle mass improves functional strength, athletic performance, and resistance to injuries. A good muscle mass has also a factor in making the individual look and feels healthy and confident. But there are many misconceptions about how to lose excess fat and gain the right muscle mass.

In this blog, we will help you know what muscle protein synthesis means and what makes muscles grow.


What is a Muscle?

Muscle is not a show-boat organ of the body. Muscles are important for our physical and mental health, longevity and metabolism. Even if your goal is not to construct your body, your muscles will enjoy a lean body mass.

So, to healthy grow the muscles, requires the right nutrition. This can be either from the sources of food or supplements. Protein, the most required and preferred for muscle growth have become controversial. Bodybuilders, Athletes, and Gym freaks often consume protein-rich food and take extra supplements. This is to withstand their workout pressure and balance the calories spent. The dieters also consume protein while keeping their calories in check.

When we speak about muscle growth, protein is the primary source. A protein is a chine of amino acids required to build the muscle’s breakdown. This thus promotes muscle protein synthesis. Also, protein is essential for muscle tissue repair. Also, protein is essential for muscle tissue repair.

Muscle Building – A Continuous Effort

There are many misconceptions about how muscle building can be accomplished. Muscle building is a constant process of vigorously working out and dedicatedly following the diet. It may take a month or more to experience the muscle gain. If you are new to weight training or never seriously followed this pattern, you should be a bit more patient to reach your hustle of muscles.

Further in this discussion, we will break down the science of muscle building. This includes how proper protein consumption makes it easier for adding muscle.

Understand how the body builds the muscles

The two factors that aid in muscle growth are resistance training and proper diet. The CDC recommends that American adults get either 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 70 minutes of vigorous exercise every week. Along with these, they practice muscle-strengthening workouts. This is one of the ideal ways of staying healthy and preventing the deterioration of muscles. However, if your main goal is to gain muscle mass, you should undergo a vigorous weight session at least thrice a week.

Wondering how your diet contributes to muscle growth? Let’s get an idea!

Your diet means the right amount of protein you intake. This may be either from your daily meals or as an external supplement.  As we discussed, protein is the major source of building healthier muscles.  Hence, consume the right amount of protein according to the body’s requirements.

There are many protein sources and supplements. Pick the right supplement of high-quality standards and add it to your daily meal.

How long does it take to see muscle gains?

This is the commonly asked question.

Your body adds muscles very slowly even if you do everything right. You cannot speed it up, because it is a biological fact. Yet, you can see muscle growth in less duration in some parts of the body. Whereas, for some parts of the body, it takes some time. It all depends on genetics. 

Protein consumption is the core factor of muscle building.

Now, the protein requirement may not be the same for every individual’s body. This may vary with the person’s goals. To win this race of muscle building, everyone must add a scoop of protein powder to their daily meal.

There are many ways to consume protein. It may be from plant-based sources, Animal-based sources, and even supplements. There are a variety of protein supplements. These may include protein shakes and protein powders.

The right amounts of macronutrients, carbohydrates, and fats contribute to muscle building. The general protein requirement for body weight is, 0.36gms/pound of weight. This is the least recommended amount.

Protein: This is why it is important

Protein is the key source of repairing the body from its regular stress and strain. Athletes rely on their muscles’ flawless performance and the protein-based contractile components of their muscle tissue. The immune system, as well as the production of hormones and enzymes, depend on a sufficient amount of high-quality protein.

In contrast, insufficient protein results in a depressed recovery ability. This makes your body weak and less resistant to your daily routine.

Protein gives important amino acids to your body to help in the development of muscle. Amino acids construct peptides, hormones, and neurotransmitters. These are necessary for more than maintaining your muscles. Amino acids promote recovery from wounds, such as repairing broken bones or skin.

Amino acids play a role in metabolic processes. They aid in the movement of nutrients, and the function of organs, glands, tendons, and arteries. The makers of protein shakes are aware of this. And they are attempting to persuade you with a very serious ingredient list on the packaging. Even though they know we can’t even pronounce the ingredients.

If you pay attention to your nutrition and consume a balanced diet, you’ll have enough amino acids. You don’t want additional powders that taste like toasted pistachios or Swiss chocolate.

Why Whey Protein to Build Muscles?

If you are a dedicated gym attendant, you might have heard about whey. Whey protein powder is the first supplement a person purchases. Whey protein is convenient, effective, and affordable. It is the most delicious protein supplement.

Milk is the source of Whey. Milk contains a family of eight proteins known as whey protein. The following proteins are in order of their enough in milk.

From most abundant to least abundant:

  • Beta-lactoglobulin
  • Alpha-lactalbumin
  • Glycomacropeptide
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Albumin from bovine serum
  • Lactoferrin
  • Lactoperoxidase
  • Lysozyme

To make cheese, milk is typically supplemented with enzymes. The enzymes cause the milk to curdle, separating the liquid whey from the milk’s solid curds. The main ingredient in cheese is curd, which is where the majority of the fat from the milk is found.

After removing the curd, a fluid whey protein gets out. This has varying amounts of lactose (milk sugar) and fat after removing the solid curd. To produce whey protein powder, the whey is pasteurized and dried to remove bacteria.

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Below are the reasons why whey builds muscle.
Why whey builds muscle

1.     Whey is a complete protein

Proteins are of two complexions. Complete and incomplete. A “Complete Protein” is the source of all the essential amino acids that a body needs. The amino acids aid in muscle tissue repairs, and cell growth. For a muscle to grow, it is the cell that needs to be strong and divide and form multiple cells. Hence whey protein is the highest recommended protein for muscle growth.

Whey in particular a high source of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCCAs stimulate the pathway for muscle protein synthesis (Muscle growth).

Animal-based- proteins come under complete proteins. These include beef, chicken, pork, dairy (including whey and casein), and soy.

2.     High Biological Value

The biological value of whey protein is 104, which is even higher than that of an egg (BV = 100).

The biological value (BV) of a protein determines how efficiently a body can use the amino acids. If the protein is having high biological value, your body can absorb, digest, and utilize amino acids.

Okay, let me simplify this. A high BV protein puts the food and its mechanism towards the recovery and growth of the muscles rather than sending them to wastage.

3.     Fast Digesting

One of whey protein’s best features is how quickly it breaks down.  This makes it perfect for muscle building.  Your muscles are famished with the amino acids they need to repair, recuperate, and grow after a strenuous workout.

Whey protein is processed, broken down, and absorbed by the body far more quickly than other proteins like casein, which can take up to 8 hours to digest. As a result, the vital amino acids your muscles require after exercise reach them more quickly, leading to quicker recovery, repair, and growth.

Whey protein is significantly more soluble in the acidic environment of your stomach than casein and other proteins, which results in rapid digestion. This is the reason whey protein is so quickly absorbed by your body.

4.     Increases muscle growth

According to research, combining whey protein consumption with resistance training enhances muscle growth. The truly intriguing part is that whey protein still had the same muscle-building effects on people whether they used lighter or higher weights during exercise, even if it wasn’t ingested for 24 hours following exercise! The benefits of whey protein consumption on strength, performance, and total body composition have been well demonstrated by numerous previous research. In essence, whey protein is a MUST if you want to gain muscle!

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5.     Reduces fat gain

Whey protein smoothies are great for fat loss or compositing as well as muscle gain. In a study, 86 active males were used to testing the effects of whey protein with or without carbs on training adaptations. Men underwent 12 weeks of weight training, and after each total body session they either:

  • Whey Protein By Itself
  • Whey Protein with Carbs
  • Carbohydrates alone

Only the group taking whey protein supplements lost abdominal fat, even though all three groups had increases in muscle growth, strength, and fat-free mass.

Muscle Building needs something else also!

However, adding the below routines along with proper protein intake and a consistent training program weighs a little more in muscle growth.

To change the body composition by changing routines, make sure your body is getting enough of these.

1.     Proper Sleep:

Give your body some time, just as you take your “Me Time”.

Yes, your body needs it to rejuvenate the new energy and make itself ready for the next task you throw at it. You can do pull-ups, weight lifts, or other exercises, but if you are not giving enough time for your body to recover from all the pain, your muscle growth may be slightly get affected. Sleep is the time during which the body forgets all its strains and boosts itself to face the new weights day. So, maintaining a good sleep of at least 6 to 7 hours each day that too ideal sleep hours.

2.     A Balanced Diet:

We can understand your post-workout cravings or after a long meeting or workday cravings.

Do not tempt by everything you see in the cafeteria or refrigerator. Plan your diet in such a way that it fills up your body with the required amounts of protein and calories. We never stop you from eating your favorite dish, but be controlled about the portion size. Add a balanced diet sheet with whole, natural foods that keep you full with more protein, carbs, and fewer calories or fat.

3.     Patience and Commitment:

‘Patience is the key to success.” It is even applicable here.

It takes a consistent diet, dedicated workout schedules, and proper time for body recovery to make it up for that muscle hustle. It’s okay if you give time for yourself once in a while, but do not make yourself excused from your routine. Stay committed to what you dreamt of and get it with time.

Now, Start your Hustle with Whey!

For good reason, whey protein is a staple supplement for almost all athletes. It is not efficient but also delicious and reasonably priced. You can buy a tub and keep it in your car. You need not refrigerate it. Ensure that you always have the ideal post-workout recovery shake on hand. Whey protein is the way to go whether you’re looking to gain muscle, burn fat, or just want a satisfying snack.