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Sacred Beast’s Targeted Workout Routines.

- Get weekly exercises for your selected routine
- Curated by certified and national award-winning trainers.
- Get supplement recommendations based on desired routine.

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Eat Right. Suggested plans for a realistic Diet.

- Calculate your macros.
- Get a personalised diet plan.
- Get genuine supplement recommendations based
on diet.

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Supplements that Compliments.

- Order lab-tested and reliable protein supplements.
- Find supplements that fit your fitness goal.

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Engage with like-minded people.

- Share progress by posting on the app.
- Browse through quality content on your timeline.

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Be Sacred. Workout like a Beast.

What if we tell you that a fit lifestyle is just an app away? Everything you need to stay healthy is at your fingertips. Hard to believe? Well, we are here to make it true. Sacred Beast is an impressive attempt by Indian Actor, Mr. Sudheer Babu to make fitness simple for everyone.


plyometric exercise
Expert Trainers

Each program has one specific trainer who is an expert in that area. They have years of experience and their credibility shows in the type of regime that they have created for you.

Structured Excercises
Multiple Workouts

There are multiple types of workout programs, each catering to a specific niche. Understanding your goals is crucial in order to select the correct workout routine for you.

Expert Trainers
Structured Exercises

Every exercise is organised in sessions that you can do as a weekly challenge. Itu2019s structured in a flow that will make it fun and easier to approach.



Based on the details provided by you, an analysis of your carbohydrates, protein, and fats intake is done, and ideal recipes and meals are suggested.


Your post-workout meal is very crucial in your fitness journey. We recommend you the best, and only the most important supplement that you should take.


Social Media Timeline

Community of fitness freaks

Why have spotters just in the gym? We have created a feature on the app that will give you a sense of community. Share your progress with others, and learn what everyone else is ndoing.

Stay updated through timeline

On your timeline, you can see all the latest posts by people who are active in the fitness lifestyle. Mimic those routines that will help you reach your goal.

LIke, Share and Comment

Just like any other social media app, you can engage within the community. You can like, comment supportive words, and share that content outside the app.

Let's get started now!

Download Sacred Beast app on your mobile and start your fitness journey from your fingertips.


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