7 Excellent Workout Programs that will change your life.

plyometric exercise


Plyometric training is a type of workout that involves a lot of movement. It is a type of power training that involves muscles to contract and extend rapidly in an explosive manner. It is also called Jump training because plyo exercises engage your muscles the same way it is engaged in a high jump. This type of training is generally used to make your muscles have more speed-strength, and it does so by making your muscles exert maximum force in set intervals.Plyometric training is typically done by athletes who play sports such as tennis and martial arts. This doesn’t mean that only athletes can do it. People who get out of rehabilitation or a hospital after an injury, also do plyometric exercises. However, a good trainer who is an expert in this specific type of workout is needed.

Doing plyometric exercises without proper guidance can be harmful. The term plyometric was coined in 1975 by Fred Wilt, an Olympic long-distance runner, after he saw some Russians doing jumps as part of their warm-up routine. Fred researched and gained knowledge about the benefits of this type of jumps. Initially, plyometric(meaning the shock method) was only for depth jumps (like the squat jumps). However, today plyometric involves a lot of exercises such as push ups that have the capability to shock your muscles. These types of exercise do not need any equipment and are more cardiovascular in nature. It keeps your heart healthy and improves endurance. You can choose the type of exercises that suit you and slowly increase your intensity.

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You must be aware of what yoga is by now. It has become a household name and we guarantee some friend or family member of yours is already doing it. How does it help you?

There is no one reason. Yoga can help you in a variety of ways. It originated in ancient India and it brings awareness to your physical, mental and spiritual self. Today, modern yoga is practiced in the whole world and not just in India. It has gone from a peace-inducing activity to a full-blown form of exercise and fitness. In modern society, it is widely known to give you flexibility.

The truth however is that it is more than just a group of exercises. They are stretching exercises that are done in a controlled fashion by the regulation of your breath. When you control your breathing, your system calms down and is in your control. When you combine exercises with this technique, you will hit points in your body that will benefit your overall health.

Today, yoga is divided in forms and sold in a way that entices people to try it, and not all of them are genuine. A good yoga workout routine heals you from within.

Functional Training

Functional training is a type of workout routine that focuses on improving your body health to perform daily activities with ease. This type of training was originally associated with people in rehabilitation. The type of routine is designed based on these patients’ injury or surgery. With functional training, these patients get back to their normal life without having much difficulty in performing daily activities. Nowadays, functional training has become an integral part of any workout routine. In weight lifting exercises, functional training targets to strengthen the core, abdomen and back muscles. In gyms, there are specific machines designed for specific muscles, and the use of these machines isolates the movement of that muscle without pairing it with the rest of the body. In our daily lives, we use the whole body to do our activities.

Therefore, functional training tries to distribute strength equally throughout the body. There are various components in a functional training workout routine. Apart from being based upon our daily activities, these exercises are individualized and integrated. It means that the exercises are designed for the specific needs of a person. One routine for all doesn’t work. Moreover, it is integrated in the sense that a variety of exercises is included that tries to achieve flexibility, core, balance, strength, and power. In addition, functional training is progressive in nature. The difficulty increases with time, and it should be repeated regularly for it to work. Both trainer feedback and self-feedback is necessary. A patient can get his/her normal life back with functional training, and a normal person will be able to strengthen his/her body.

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Twist to tone

Humans have a limit when it comes to twisting the body, and our day to day activities barely allow us to reach half of that limit. Over time, our body becomes less flexible and more rigid, so even a slightest stretch could result in an injury. Hence, toning your body to be flexible is important. Sacred Beast has a program which is designed by a fitness model to help you get rid of that rust in your joints. Twist to tone program will show you to twist your body to achieve maximum flexibility. It will also help in building your core strength. No equipment is needed for this workout routine as each exercise can be done with just a resistance band and your body weight. Twist to tone programs also improve your cardiovascular system. It can also be done as a warm-up for more heavy weight lifting because twisting and stretching will prepare your muscles for the heavy work.

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. 

Twist and tone exercise
fatloss exercise

Fat Loss

Fat loss workouts are the most common type of exercise routines that people desire to follow. Many people try to burn their fats by following a calorie-deficit and weight loss centric lifestyle. Fat is a nutrient that is essential for our body. When compared to the other nutrients which have 4 calories per gram, fat has 9 calories per gram. The problem is that excessive intake of this nutrient settles as adipose tissue aka fats in our body. By doing physical activities, we can burn these fats. Now the workout routines for fat loss can be categorized into 2 parts. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Moderate Intensity Steady State (MISS). Both of these are cardiovascular exercise routines. HIIT is a high-intensity exercise with a short interval to catch breath. A good example for this is sprints. You will run with all your energy for a certain amount of time and then rest for a while to get up and do that sprint again.

HIIT is very effective as it burns out calories in a very short duration of time. HIIT should not be done more than 2-3 times a week because it can result in overtraining and fatigue. Moderate Intensity Steady State(MISS), is an addition to HIIT. You can do a MISS session on the days of the week when you aren’t doing HIIT. It should be done at a moderate pace for a moderate amount of time, typically 25-30 minutes. This type of routine is the best for fat loss as it can be done daily. Along with cardio, weight training is also said to help lose fats. You can do exercises that target the core to help you lose fat in your stomach and abdomen region.

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Body weight

As the name suggests, body weight training is a form of training that focuses on improving strength with just the help of your body weight. It is one of the best routines to follow for beginners, and the more advanced gym-freaks can reap its benefits too. The best part of bodyweight training is that it can be done from making it the most convenient and cost-effective fitness goal. You must be able to handle your own weight before you pick up the dumbbells and bars. The variety of exercises in a bodyweight workout routine make it easy to train your whole body with no equipment. No equipment doesn’t mean no trainer.

You may still require a trainer because bodyweight exercises need to be progressively difficult. It means that even with just your body, you need to make it difficult with time. Only a trainer can help you with a variety of exercise and techniques to focus on muscle growth with just the body. Moreover, Bodyweight exercises only work if the form is right. With a correct posture and form, the results will be rewarding. However, with a bad posture and form, you can be susceptible to injury. Bodyweight training is good for people who are not allowed to lift weight. It helps in building endurance and flexibility too. This routine doesn’t necessarily have to be a bunch of exercises. Sometimes activities like rock climbing can also be done.

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